U.S. Freight Brokers LLC

U.S. Freight Brokers LLC is a non-asset based 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) provider based in Washington D.C.   We ship freight nationwide via U.S. trucking.  Our extensive logistics network of flatbed trucks, dry vans, lowboys, step decks, and RGNs provides shippers with access to thousands of authorized motor carriers throughout the United States.  We are licensed and bonded and meet or exceed all federal DOT requirements.  U.S. Freight Brokers is a U.S. Veteran owned business with over 25 years of intermodal transportation (air, sea, land), logistics, and supply chain management experience. 

Truck Quote:
DOT MC#:         762151
Twitter:             twitter.com/usfreightbroker
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Logo:        Our logo depicts three stacked 53 foot containers progressively moving forward.

Logistics, Logistics, Logistics:    Why CEO's are elevating "Logistics" as a strategy.